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Painting Contractors Vancouver

When searching for painting contractors in Vancouver, how do you know who you hire is not only a great painter, but trustworthy?  In other words, what makes a good painting contractor?

As you know, Vancouver is prone to many different types of weather.  Our climate is more like a rain forest than a desert.  A good painting contractor will know this, and only use products specifically formulated to tolerate our damp climate.

What else makes for a trustworthy painting contractor in Vancouver is their process.  They should be able to walk you through the entire project, explaining what will be done and why.  If you’ve talked to other painting contractors in Vancouver you know this.  If you’ve spoken to one who avoids your questions, or can’t explain their plan and process, then you should start looking for a new painter.

Vancouver painting contractors should also not have a problem providing you with a written quote.  This gives you some grounds to stand on, should a dispute arise.  We’ve all heard cases where a contractor was hired for a job, and mere days or hours into the job starts raising the price quoted to the home or business owner, because they never supplied their original quote in writing.

Vancouver Painting Contractors

Exceptional Vancouver painting contractors should also be presentable.  They should drive newer clean vehicles, whether they are their work vehicles or not, and should dress appropriately.  Certainly, if they are just coming from another job, they may still be in work clothes, but those clothes should be neat.  Some paint splatter on their work clothes should not only be expected but preferred, as it shows that they do work with paint and aren’t some slick salesperson only out for his next commission.

Finally, good Vancouver painting contractors should be able to provide references, and point to work they’ve completed in the past.  A good painting contractor will be proud of the work they’ve completed and shouldn’t have any problem pointing out previous projects.

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